Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Clean...

Yesterday was a day I look forward to every year, March 1. Oh I know that winter isn't exactly over yet, but it's getting close. Now we're through the (supposed to be) bitter cold of December and January, the wet snow of February, and moving on into the last few days of winter/first few days of spring.

The chorus frogs and spring peepers have been chirping for a few weeks, the irises are coming back out, and Narcissus blooms are everywhere. My absolute favorite time of the year, and yesterday I got to do one of my absolute favorite outside may not be your favorite, but it's one of mine.

I got the lawnmower out yesterday. I know, I know. "It's too early for that...You're neighbors aren't going to like that..." Well I do. Not only did I get the lawnmower out, but the weedeater too. And surprise of surprises, they both started.

Some folks get into spring cleaning their house, I spring clean my yard...have ever since I've had my own place. For me it's almost a spiritual thing. I mean, sure, my yard looks awesome now...all of the sticks have been picked up and piled, just waiting for a quick chance for a hot dog roast...the leaves have all been raked and piled...the grass is cut...shrubbery has been trimmed. But more importantly, and for me the spiritual part...all of the old dead stuff is gone, clearing a path for new growth.

Call me crazy, but I can even see theology in yard work. I'm pretty sure that most of the new plants would have found a way through the tangle of limbs and leaves that scattered the yard had I not done anything. I also know that most of us will find new beginnings amidst that mass of tangles in our lives, but why go through all of the unnecessary struggle?

If a pile of dead leaves and rotting sticks is keeping your irises from poking through the ground, get out your rake and clean it up. If there is something in your life that is preventing the growth of the person you were created to be, get rid of it.

Yeah, my yard looks pretty good now, but my soul feels better to.

Happy cleaning.


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