Wednesday, July 14, 2010

By Faith...

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It's not secret that I'm a little stubborn. I like to think that's something more than stubbornness, but maybe it's not. I like to think that there's just something in me that won't give up. I talked yesterday about holding our ground, and this morning Paul talks a little about what it is within us that allows us to do that.

By faith...just two little words, but they speak volumes. In Hebrews 11, Paul goes through a long list of folks who did what they did by faith, from Moses to a prostitute that became part of Jesus' ancestry. All of these folks did something that, under normal circumstances, they probably wouldn't have done. Some of them were positive things, some not so much. By faith, Abraham sacrificed his only son Isaac. What's up with that? But by faith, Rahab the prostitute, that's right folks, I said prostitute, hid the spies that God had sent into the promised land and therefore her life was spared when the city fell.

Here lately, I have leaned pretty heavy on this whole "by faith" idea. I've always been one to do what I felt I had to do anyhow, but when I realize I'm doing it "by faith," then I REALLY don't care what other folks think about me. I never have much, anyhow, but as long as I know that what I'm doing, I'm doing by faith, folks can say what they want.

By faith, I spent years in a church that I really should have left after year one. But by faith, lives were changed and folks found their way back to a relationship with God so that they could begin, again, living their "by faith" stories. Was it tough? Let's say that my beard wasn't grey when I got there, but it was when I left, and leave it at that.

Now, I didn't bring that up to get patted on the back, that wasn't it at all...because I wanted to leave, but couldn't. By faith, God kept watch over me just enough for me to keep my sanity while God continued to draw folks back home. But, those are pages that were turned long ago in my "by faith" story and now the rest of that story is beginning to open up.

What is it that you feel called to do by faith? Who knows, maybe one day our "by faith" stories will be written down beside those of a murderer, a wanderer, a drunk, a prophet, and prostitute. Now, tell me you're not good enough for God to use you by faith.


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