Friday, May 14, 2010

Tinker Toys...

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I have loved to build all of my life. When I was a kid, I had a set of Tinker Toys. You know the ones...little painted sticks with slots cut in the ends, cardboard fins, wooden connectors and wheels. I spent hours building things with those Tinker Toys. I also had Lincoln Logs. You know the ones I'm talking about. Miniature log homes built out of miniature logs. They came in several different sizes and I could build, tear down, and rebuild over and over.

I guess building has been in my blood for a long time. As I got older, I swapped my Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs for a trailer full of power tools and sets of blueprints. I loved building houses. I loved the work. I loved the results. I loved the smell of sawdust in the morning. I loved pulling off of the jobsite at the end of the day and looking in the mirror to see a house standing there; one that I had built with my own hands. I hated the business end of what I did, but I loved building.

Now, I've once again changed tools. I've hung up my toolbelt; lined my saws, ladders, and compressors up against the wall in my garage, and took off on a new building adventure. This one is of a slightly higher calling. What's very cool about this building adventure is that I'm not alone.

David felt the need to build something in 1 Chronicles 22. He felt that it was his place to build God a house. Not out of Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, or even 2 x 4's. This house would be built out of gold and silver, dressed stone, iron, and bronze. This would be a special house, for a special resident. But David was not going to be the one to build it.

His son, Solomon, would be the one to actually build the house, God's Temple. But David had laid the groundwork. He had gathered the materials. He had gathered the work force. Everything was ready. David gave Solomon instructions, encouraged him, and blessed his work.

I'm not sure if David was still alive when Solomon began the work. I could find out fairly quick, but then I'd lose my train of thought. Let's assume that he was, for just a second. I wonder if he had any difficulty handing this awesome task over to his son? I know me, and I know that I would want to micromanage something like that. But that's not the example we're given.

I have to say that this morning I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this. I've got some thoughts, and there are all kinds of things rolling around in my head. I have to be careful with this so I don't offend anyone, because that is certainly not the intention. But today got me thinking, maybe for me, even at just 40 years old (nearly), maybe it's time for me to start looking for the one, or ones, who will build after me and begin making preparations for them.

I think that is one of the reasons we are in the shape we're in as a Church, worldwide. I remember when I was a kid, the old men in church would lay their hats on the rack by the door, and make all of the decisions in the church...right up til their death. I'm not blaming them, that generation is actually called the "builder" generation, and that's what they did. But I'm not sure how much attention was paid to preparing the future builders. And I think it has finally caught up with us.

But that's just me. Maybe I'm just rambling this morning. I do know that this is not some game of Tinker Toys or Lincoln Logs. If we fail to continue building...and we are could have eternal consequences. I think it's time to take a very serious look at the way we do a lot of things. But again, that's just me.

May God bless your building...


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