Thursday, April 8, 2010

The King of Mayberry...

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I have mentioned already that I love classic rock. I have also mentioned the fact that I'm an outside the box kind of guy with a rather warped sense of humor. Now I'm admitting that I'm just a little bit of a redneck. Now, I've got some class, don't get me wrong, but every now and then my inner redneck shows through. If you are a redneck, who loves classic rock, and has a warped sense of humor, there is only 1 early morning radio show for you...Johnboy and Billy.

Yep, I have to have my daily dose of my two favorite rednecks. You don't have to agree, but it works for me. Johnboy, or Mr. Boy to some, is an Andy Griffith fanatic. He prides himself on his knowledge of Andy Griffith trivia and on occasion will turn it into a call in game. After defeating the call in guest, as he usually does, he will say, "I am the king of Mayberry! All Hail me!"

Now, why have I brought this up? When I was reading the texts for this morning, the old Testament texts were from 1 Samuel 3, 4, and 5. In 1 Samuel 5, the Philistines have captured the ark of the covenant during battle with Israel and have taken it to Ashdod, to the the temple of Dagon, their god. They carried the ark into the temple and placed it beside Dagon. The next morning, Dagon was laying on the floor in front of the ark of the covenant. They sat him back up, but the next morning, he was on the floor again, minus his head and hands.

You've heard me say before that being humbled is not my favorite thing. I'm more of a "I am the king of Mayberry, all hail me!" kind of guy. Or at least I used to be. If being humbled is not one of my favorite things, being humbled by God is at the very top of my least favorite list, especially when it's not my idea. Steph has told me that I have authority issues, but I just tell her that as long as I have the authority, there are no issues.

This morning's reading reminded me that no matter how important I think I am, there are still multiple opportunities for lessons in humility. I doubt that Dagon had ever thought (if Dagon could think) that one day, he would be prostrated on the floor in front of the God of Israel without his head and hands. I doubt that Johnboy ever thought he would get beaten at Mayberry Trivia, but it happened.

So, here's my thought for the day I guess. Be confident in who you are, I don't think that's a problem at all. But at the same time, keep that confidence in check with daily doses of humility. It's a lesson that I struggle with daily, but one that I do struggle with. Because no matter how big we think we are (and in my position, who we think we are can go straight to our heads) there is someone much bigger sitting beside us.


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